Dental Implants in Oro Valley, AZ to Rejuvenate Your Smile

Image of senior couple at the parkIf you’re tired of dealing with the pain and frustration of damaged or missing teeth, dental implants may be the appropriate solution for you. Dr. Joel Rutledge and his experienced team have been placing dental implants with precision since 2010. We are here to restore your smile while treating you with the excellent care, compassion, and dignity you deserve.

Rutledge Dental has proudly served the residents of Oro Valley, Marana, Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding communities since 2002. Get in touch with our office in Oro Valley today. We can’t wait to help you sculpt your dream smile!


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots crafted from titanium alloys. We implant them into your jaw to replace your organic tooth roots and provide a stable base for a set of natural-looking replacement teeth. Your dental implants will fuse naturally with your jawbone and allow you to receive a wide range of dental restorations to rejuvenate your smile.

Our Implant Services

Image of patient looking at dental x-raysIf you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be what you’ve been looking for to restore your smile. Before we begin the implant procedure, there are several vital factors our team must consider. If you currently have active gum disease, we will address it before the dental implants are placed. Dr. Rutledge will also discuss your relevant medical history and any current medications you are taking to create the safest and most effective treatment plan.

We employ the most advanced technologies and dental practices when placing your implants. Dr. Rutledge will use a cone beam CT scanner to take detailed images of your mouth. Alongside images from an intraoral scanner and your x-rays, we create a digital 3D model to determine precisely how to position your implants.

After carefully planning your surgery, the implants are placed and given time to heal and bond with your jawbone. Once the healing process is complete, your implants will be ready to support a custom restoration, such as bridges, dentures, and implant crowns.

Do You Perform Extractions?

If possible, we try to preserve your dental structure and natural teeth. However, there are times when removing a significantly decayed or damaged tooth is the best choice for your well-being. Our team can gently remove teeth when necessary and offer a wide selection of options to replace it. We highly recommend dental implants since they fully replace your tooth’s original structure.

What is a Bone Graft?

To receive dental implants, you must have a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone. If you don’t have enough, your implants will not fuse successfully and can become unstable. If your jawbone has deteriorated, you may be eligible for a bone graft. A bone graft increases your jawbone’s density and volume so that your dental implants can bond correctly.

Dr. Rutledge will transplant a small amount of bone or synthetic material to your lower or upper jaw to reinforce the sections that have most deteriorated. We can also perform sinus lifts, which are specialized bone grafts that will strengthen your upper jaw. Our team will discuss these procedures with you in detail to make sure you feel comfortable going into your treatment.

Implant Crowns to Replace a Missing Tooth

Implant crowns replace a single missing tooth by directly attaching to your implant. We use our CEREC® machine to craft your custom crown, which fits neatly into alignment with your healthy teeth. Not only will your crown restore your smile, but it also functions like a natural tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridges to Fill Gaps in Your Smile

Image of implant supported bridgeA dental bridge allows us to fill substantial gaps in your smile with a combination of implant crowns and replacement teeth (pontics). If you have multiple missing teeth in a row, your implants serve to keep your replacement teeth firmly in place. The implant-supported bridge is fitted between the healthy teeth and will provide you with a full, natural-looking smile.

Implant Dentures to Craft a Full Smile

Rutledge Dental is proud to offer a wide variety of implant supported restorations to replace up to an entire arch of teeth, including partial and full dentures.

  • Our practice offers partial dentures when you still have teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Your implants provide the structure for your dentures, which then fit snugly around your remaining healthy teeth. In addition to restoring the fullness of your smile, your partial dentures will prevent your natural teeth from shifting.
  • If you have no healthy teeth remaining in your jaw, we provide a set of full dentures. Your permanent replacement teeth are attached to a set of dental implants, thus giving you a complete arch of teeth once more. Your dentures are designed to appear natural so they can enhance your appearance and restore your smile.

What is All-on-4®, Teeth in a Day?

Image of implant supported full dentureThe All-On-4, teeth in a day method, is designed to supply full arch reconstruction with at least four dental implants. All-On-4 can provide you with a comfortable, carefully fitted set of fixed dentures in a single appointment.

Instead of having to wait several months for your implants to heal before receiving permanent teeth, you can leave our office with a set of fully functional teeth. If you are struggling with dentures or missing all your teeth, All-On-4 offers a minimally invasive solution for a brand new smile.

Building Your Dream Smile at Oro Valley , AZ

At Rutledge Dental, we want to create you a beautiful smile that you can show off with pride. Whether you require a replacement crown for a single missing tooth or a full arch, we have a restoration to meet your needs. Contact our Oro Valley office today. Dr. Rutledge and his team are so excited to meet you!



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